The basic structure of Studio Pasquini has always been of a one person company in which the manager and the designer are the same. Starting in 2011, after Paolo Pasquini passed away prematurely, the company had to change its structure. With Zeno Pasquini’s new management, the company started looking for new collaborations particularly with young creative minds who are able to develop radically innovative projects.
Within a few months, thanks to an eventful meeting with the designer Lorenzo Antonioni, Studio Pasquini dove right back into a new adventure: Bulbo. A team of four young professionals gathered around this project and with the support of Studio Pasquini they are hoping to give life to an independent new company.
The goal of the studio is to continue developing and starting up new projects and putting to use all the experience and know how accumulated over the years in the field of designing industrial and non-industrial objects.



Bulbo aims at patching up a link between citizens and nature, creating new opportunities to grow food in cities. Bulbo concentrates the energy of the sun into a lamp and brings it directly into the home making it possible to have small domestic gardens.
Starting in the spring of 2012, thanks to the collaboration with Studio Pasquini, Bulbo started a process of prototyping and thereafter producing its own products. The entire production process happens in Italy (between the regions of Veneto, Marche and Emilia Romagna) and strengthens the already tight network of suppliers with whom Studio Pasquini has worked for over twenty years.
In October 2013 we started putting our first two products on a new but very promising market: indoor gardening.